IT-systems integration, development and installation of automatic control systems in the sphere of logistics

Display Systems Group was founded in 2013. We are an integrators' company in the field of Comand and Control systems.

We have GIS software under development which allows to put the situation on the map and make real-time data exchange (map symbols array exchnge).

We offer self-developed tracking devices and fleet management system.

Fleet monitoring system can be equipped with real-time streaming cameras and mobile 4 channel DVR on board, this equipment allows to get streaming video from any camera installed on the vehicle and make video recording of all the route from up to 4 cameras installed inside and outside on the vehicle. System operator can see video stream from any vehicle in the system and make stream recording on the server if needed. After vehicle arrived video-archive loading to the server.


We also have an experience of modern intellectual video-surveilance systems integration. These systems have embedded powerful video-archive and real-time video analitycs modules, such as shape similarity search, face similarity search, search by car license plate etc.

We have an experience of different IT-systems integration, so some of them installed and well operate in Military Headquarters, Space Agency of Ukraine, Ukrainian Air navigation Agency, TV channels and other institutions.

Software system of fleet managing and logistics routs' optimisation.


- automated process of vehicles' routs planning

- automated process of GPS fleet monitoring and check-points passing on the route

- accidents' control and routes recalculation in real time mode

- on-line route sheet correction and it's transfer to the driver

Software complex is an intellectual self-educated system which uses not only the information entered by system operator but self collected information about roads' status, traffic jams, drivers' stories, vehicles' statements, customers' datas for optimal real time routs planning!


OUR software allows to optimise any requirable quantity of points of service!

It is helpful for any company with small fleet and large quantity of vehicles!

100% Ukrainian developed software!

Full customization according customer's requirements and full after-sale support and upgrade!

Tracking devices

Tracker TR106Q

Weatherproof device for installation and exploitation in hard environmental conditions

Tracker TR106D/TR106DW

Personal portable device.

Tracker TR107

Multifunctional device with CAN-OBD II interface, multi-sensor support (optional customization)


Company's Projects